Alumni Connection    2019                                                                                    Scholarship News:

From the Desk of the President                                               The Hermon-DeKalb Alumni Association will once again

                                                                                                                                    be giving out scholarships.  Seniors must complete an

Dear Fellow Alumni,                                                                                               application and be attending college in the fall in order

                                                                                                        to qualify. Scholarship winners from the class of 2018:

            We have maintained the Hermon-DeKalb                  Sydney Harris, Carson Thornton, Michael Tracy, and           

Alumni Association for 34 years! For the last six                   Zarina Hernandes. They were each awarded $500.00.

 years I have been the president of this great      

group with the help of Jane Baker Doiron,                            Thank you, Alumni, for funding these well-deserved

Geraldine Merithew Fletcher, Susan Baxter Allen,               scholarships!

 Clay Denesha, and Kathy Allen Race.

            We will be honoring the Class of 1969 (50yrs),          Membership News…..

 the class of 1994(25yrs), and our newest graduates           We are always looking for updated addresses and email

 the Class of 2019 at our banquet on July 20th 2019.            addresses.  Please remember to put the Alumni Assoc.

 Their meals will be free as well as alumni from the             on your list when you move. The value of our Alumni

 Class of 1944 or earlier. This year the banquet is                 Assoc. is in the database of mailing addresses, phone

located at the Gouverneur Elks Lodge on Route 11              numbers, and email addresses.

in Gouverneur. It is air-conditioned and wheel chair

 accessible.                                                                                   Donations are an important part of our funding source.

            We would like to acknowledge door prize                  We use this money to fund our scholarships. Our goal is

 donations from last year’s dinner: Clay Denesha,                to fund even more in the future.

Woody’s Market, Sprinkles (ice cream) Community

 Bank NA, Junction Building Supply, Silver Leaf Diner,         Checks for donations and banquet tickets can be made

 Coller’s Maple products, Woody’s Maple products,           payable to Hermon-DeKalb Alumni Association and

 and Trout Lake Maple.                                                              Mailed to Susan Allen, P.O. Box 70, Hermon, N.Y. 13652.

            Be sure to come and join us this year!

                                                Lee Carvel, President

                                                Class of 1968





The Alumni Team would like to thank Geraldine           Neil Wilson                        Class of 1958      Mary Schofell      Class of 1962

 Merithew Fletcher for her dedication to the                 Archie Whitton                 Class of 1962      Trevor Reed         Class of 1997

 Hermon DeKalb Alumni Association.  She has               Raymond “Joe” Mead     Class of 1952      Mike Bristol         Class of 1970

 given us so much support as treasurer since                

 the Alumni was formed in 1985. Geraldine has            Community News:

 decided to step down as our treasurer. Best                 We have two historical museums in our district. The DeKalb

 wishes to Gerry and her husband Richard,                     Museum is located across the road from Hermon-DeKalb

Class of 1958.                                                                        Central School.  Phone number (315) 347-1900. The Hermon

                                                                                                Museum is housed in the old Hermon firehall.  For more information

Alumni Basketball                                                               call the town clerk at (315)347-3606. The Hermon Museum houses

The 2018 Christmas Alumni Basketball game                most of the H.D.C.S. yearbooks. They also have scrapbooks of Alumni

was very enjoyable. It is very difficult to                         news over the years.  If you have yearbooks you would like to donate

Know who won, but I know that everyone                     call (315) 347 – 2442. Hermon Museum will be open on 7/20/19

who attended the game and the post game                  in the p.m.

activities at the Skunk’s Nest were the                           Notes from the Class of 1968 50th Reunion:

winners. Next year’s game will be held                          The H.D.C.S. Class of ‘68 originally had 33 members. At our 50th

at the school on Saturday Dec. 21, 2019                        reunion last July, 13 members came together. Many had not seen

at 6:00p.m. We will have only 1 game.                          each other since graduation.  Five of our members are deceased.

Thank you Clay Denesha for organizing                         Friday we enjoyed a B.B.Q. and sharing of stories and memorabilia

our Alumni basketball games.                                          at my home in Hermon.  Saturday many of us toured the halls of      

                                                                                               H.D.C.S. and did a guided historical tour of old DeKalb. Saturday

Alumni who have passed…..                                            evening the festivities continued as many of us attended the

Clayton Weatherup           Class of 1947                               ANNUAL ALUMNI BANQUET.  On Sunday many members

Nicholas Spadaccini           Class of 1945                              met at my camp in a South Colton for a brunch.

Douglas Tiernan                 Class of 1979

Jane Griffith Willard          Class of 1954                                                                                                        Lee Carvel

Gary Gonyea                       Class of 1978

Mary Ida Boothe Kessler  Class of 1963                                                                                                                           

Clarence “Buster Hayes    Class of 1972